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“Part IV: A New Hope”?

All the chronic pain…. My God, could I see an end to this? Yesterday, at my pain management visit, I exploded at the Physician’s Assistant. Well, not at her, just at the frustration of having to live this way. It … Continue reading

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I myself am Hell, nobody’s here

I have known I have bipolar disorder, better known as manic-depression, since September 1999. Actually, I knew about it for several years before. These days, because of my life situation, I run toward major depression. The manic, “speeding” aspect of the … Continue reading

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Cat Psychotherapy

Pictured on the left, my cat. His name is Misha. He is the love of my life. There are days, and this is one, when perhaps the only reason I don’t think seriously about the final surrender to depression, is because I … Continue reading

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