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Panic Attacks, III: Mécontentement et sa civilisation

I know I’ve written about panic attacks. In real terms, that was a bit like theologians debating angel-dancing. I didn’t quite know what the hell I was talking about. The memories of panic attacks fade. Last night I got them all back. … Continue reading

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“Don’t trust happiness…never did”

I made a second call today to the Judge’s clerk in the Bergen County Superior Court. The second in three days. See, I don’t always believe what I hear. I don’t always trust my ears. I’ve been known to hear … Continue reading

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How, I wonder, do prisoners feel?

In the wonderful new BBC miniseries, Wolf Hall, Henry VIII’s chief minister and interrogator Thomas Cromwell interviews Sir Francis Weston, one of Queen Anne Boleyn’s alleged (and probably framed) lovers. Weston, a pleasing and ingratiating young man who was part of the … Continue reading

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