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Does suffering has a value?

To get this out of the way: I happen to be a God-believer. I am neither agnostic (whatever that’s supposed to be (whatever that is) or an atheist. I truly believe there is a God out there, and I believe … Continue reading

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Surprise, surprise! PLUS a real hope

I got my access to WordPress restored! Yeah, it’s back. I made a mistake entering my “credentials,” but it was the right mistake. Far effin’ out for once. This posting is a good place to set and a place-marker. A … Continue reading

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Carrie Fisher, Chronic Illness, and Having a Sensayuma

When I learned that Carrie Fisher had died early yesterday, I did what most people who know me would expect: I sat in front of this laptop and I cried. “It’s what I do.” Now…see if¬† you can sense the … Continue reading

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Up to HERE

I’ll point in the direction so you know precisely where HERE is. It’s what James Baldwin once called “a region of my mind.” I had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow to go to the pain management center in Pittsfield, MA. … Continue reading

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Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate

I’m tired of screaming about my pain. I’m tired of screaming and you’re surely tired of hearing about it or reading it. But that’s what I do. Why do you think I started a blog about life inside chronic pain, … Continue reading

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Low points on the feast of freedom

Last night I went to the 2nd Seder of ¬†Passover (that’s Pesach to the initiated).It could have been the worst night I’ve spent anywhere in ages. It was so depressing that even the food did very little for me–oh, yes, … Continue reading

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Banish Misfortune

I’m becoming self-protective…or selfish. Well, I’ve always been selfish, but learning how to actively protect myself is another story entirely. I have gathered unto myself a rather significant collection of movies, TV series, opera broadcasts, even jazz. It enables me … Continue reading

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