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I suppose this is (for me) the Grand Surrender (not quite, but close). I have an increasingly nasty degree of “limited mobility.” It hurts to even walk…anywhere.  I hate to call myself a “cripple,” that seems to be on the … Continue reading

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Fun (of a sort) With Insomnia

I’m kidding. It’s not really fun at all. But some people use it with great creative effect. For me, sleepless nights can be a sign of my manic side popping up to say Hello, Sucker, I’m back. Remember: I’m bipolar. … Continue reading

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Fear and Son of Fear Meet the Wolf Man and Frankenstein

I think I stole the title from the advertising genius Jerry Della Femina. Genius? No lie, he really is. In any case, this is about chronic fear. If you suffer from it, you know what I’m talking about: not just … Continue reading

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Wonders never cease

June 15, 2015 The last entry marked the change to how remarkably different I feel. This entry is short and simply reinforces what’s been happening to me. It’s truly a mystic transformation, the gift of medical science and therapeutic practice. … Continue reading

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And then a miracle occurs….

The other day I had another series of epidural injections into the vertebral areas around my spine. I was heavily sedated. Oh hell, basically I was cold-cocked so the doctor could work on me. I was unconscious when he did the … Continue reading

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After great pain can come more great pain

Emily Dickinson wrote some wonderful things. This, perhaps, is my favorite, one of her almost weightless poems that carries all the weight of the world. After great pain, a formal feeling comes – The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs – The … Continue reading

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Panic Attacks, III: Mécontentement et sa civilisation

I know I’ve written about panic attacks. In real terms, that was a bit like theologians debating angel-dancing. I didn’t quite know what the hell I was talking about. The memories of panic attacks fade. Last night I got them all back. … Continue reading

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