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Carrie Fisher, Chronic Illness, and Having a Sensayuma

When I learned that Carrie Fisher had died early yesterday, I did what most people who know me would expect: I sat in front of this laptop and I cried. “It’s what I do.” Now…see if  you can sense the … Continue reading

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How, I wonder, do prisoners feel?

In the wonderful new BBC miniseries, Wolf Hall, Henry VIII’s chief minister and interrogator Thomas Cromwell interviews Sir Francis Weston, one of Queen Anne Boleyn’s alleged (and probably framed) lovers. Weston, a pleasing and ingratiating young man who was part of the … Continue reading

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Untherapeutic therapists

“Seek professional help.” Yeah, Ken, you’re a bana: that’s 2/3 bananas. Well, I had indeed sought help over the years. Starting with Junior High School, I’d been on and off under some therapist’s care. Some of them were boot-clicking fascists who couldn’t get … Continue reading

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