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Carrie Fisher, Chronic Illness, and Having a Sensayuma

When I learned that Carrie Fisher had died early yesterday, I did what most people who know me would expect: I sat in front of this laptop and I cried. “It’s what I do.” Now…see if  you can sense the … Continue reading

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Body and Body and Mind

One theory I heard long ago: physical illness is simply a way of subterfuge. The idea is that all illnesses are of the mind, of the improperly analyzed psyche, and that psychotherapy can rid us of our supposed physical maladies. This … Continue reading

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The systemic oppression that can drive us mad

I don’t mind telling you I’m fed up. I’m fed up with the Court system of my former home State, New Jersey. No, I don’t live there anymore. But I got divorced there in 1998, and that divorce and its … Continue reading

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Panic attacks, Part 2: A chapter of autobiography

Contrary to what I said before, panic attacks are in fact describable. At least by allusion, metaphor, and candied bullshit. It remains difficult to describe the internalized misery, the downright terror that comes upon us. It’s the Bristol, Pennsylvania earthquake all … Continue reading

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Bitter waters: “Whose Life Is It Anyway?”

To set the mood, let’s begin with a relevant hit tune sung by the late Bulgarian soprano, Ghena Dimitrova. Her character, La Gioconda (was there ever a greater operatic irony?–“The happy girl”?), is contemplating taking her own life (Plot Spoiler: she does it): … Continue reading

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