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Surprise, surprise! PLUS a real hope

I got my access to WordPress restored! Yeah, it’s back. I made a mistake entering my “credentials,” but it was the right mistake. Far effin’ out for once. This posting is a good place to set and a place-marker. A … Continue reading

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Nice to have friends as crazy as you

First, a few words from today’s sponsor, Ms. Carrie Fisher, self-admitted drunk, druggie, and bipolar sufferer: I love Carrie Fisher, okay? She’s a much more talented, much better-looking, and even sharper-tongued version of this blogger. Not that I’ve ever met … Continue reading

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What replaces pain?

The steroid shot worked for awhile. Time for another one, on October 30. Just in time to pour boiling lead on the little peasants who come around for trick-or-treat. The prospect is nothing apocalyptic this time. Show up an hour early, get … Continue reading

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