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Surprise, surprise! PLUS a real hope

I got my access to WordPress restored! Yeah, it’s back. I made a mistake entering my “credentials,” but it was the right mistake. Far effin’ out for once. This posting is a good place to set and a place-marker. A … Continue reading

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Untherapeutic therapists

“Seek professional help.” Yeah, Ken, you’re a bana: that’s 2/3 bananas. Well, I had indeed sought help over the years. Starting with Junior High School, I’d been on and off under some therapist’s care. Some of them were boot-clicking fascists who couldn’t get … Continue reading

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Misanthropy and the inner self

How I spend Shabbat…blogging about why I hate people? Oy. Too rainy to go out, joints, back, and feet rather hurt, so this is my form of sharing my world. If you like, it is a form of worship. Even if you don’t … Continue reading

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